Welcome to a thread from the edge! The biggest news to hit this site is the release of Sliver Quilts! Read on to learn more about the book, and then explore the site to see my quilts, learn about my lectures and workshops, find out what interests me and more. My first book, Sliver Quilts, for C&T Publishing, will introduce you to my tricky little Sliver Piecing technique. Its so simple, but looks so complicated. You won’t believe what you can do with Sliver Piecing!

Just a sliver please? This sliver piecing technique is a change from the conventional, its decidedly a different way to look at piecing your quilt – in a good way. But I get it – no one wants to jump into a king sized project to audition a new technique. I was sensitive to that when I created the projects for Sliver Quilts. I developed a number of pint-sized projects for the book – a taste of sliver piecingSliver Quilts offers instructions for 11 projects – just enough for you to get a true taste of the sliver piecing technique and fall in love with it.

I’d love to share it with you! Interested in a Lecture or Workshop? Please contact me – I’d love to visit with your guild or indie quilt shop to share my creativity!

I hope you’ll enjoy this site – you can learn all about my book, take a look at my quilts, contact me to schedule a lecture or a workshop for your guild or your shop, and follow my social media – blog, twitter, pinterest and instagram. So many ways to stay connected – gosh – do I have the time – - – we’ll see. Most of all – if you’ve got something on your mind – share it with me – I’d love to hear from you!

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I’m still here!

Hi All

Life has been so busy, it’s been hard finding time to blog – I apologize. Not only have I not had a lot of time to blog, I’ve not been quilting much either – yikes. Seems my little business of coordinating farmers markets has really taken off, and with that, it’s taken a huge bite out of my free time, my quilting time. All that is fine with me. I’m really enjoying my new venture.

In addition to all of my farmers market activity, I’ve also been pretty busy teaching my technique, Sliver Piecing, from my book Sliver Quilts. My workshops and lectures have become quite popular, and I have a great time meeting all of my fellow quilters. If you’re interested in a workshop or a lecture for your guild or shop, please email me.

Thanks for checking in! Support your local farmers market, and keep on creating.

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