lectures & workshops

My Program

Well now that the book is out I need to get out there and share this cool quilting technique with my quilting community. I've been having so much fun visiting with guilds and shops to teach sliver piecing. I'd love to visit you too - take a gander at what I have to offer and let me know if you might be interested - I'd love to visit your guild or shop to share Sliver Piecing! Lecture: Just a Sliver Please!

My one hour lecture will focus on my book, Sliver Quilting, published June 2012 by C&T Publishing. I will reveal how the technique came about, give an overview of the technique, and share the quilted projects in the book. My presentation includes a slide show of my quilts, and, whenever possible, the actual quilts.

The Sliver Piecing Technique  is quite unique. Most quilters assume the quilts are created using paper piecing, but, I assure you there is not one smitch of paper involved in this technique. You will see just how easy it can be to incorporate sliver piecing into your quilted projects.

My Workshops

Workshops 1: Helios

Helios is the cover quilt for Sliver Quilts. The magic of Sliver Piecing this quilt is the arcs - no paper piecing. The 16 arcs required for this quilt can be completed in just a few hours - chain stitching! The effects are dramatic! And the curved piecing required to complete the blocks - simple - these are voluptuous curves - easy to piece for even the curved piecing novice. Requires book purchase.

This is Helios Squared - identical to Helios but with rounded square corners - very modern! The technique is exactly the same as Helios. Workshop participants can choose either. The pattern for Helios Squared is not in the book but is available for purchase as a pattern.

This is a 6 hour workshop

Workshop 2: Slivers Gone Wild

Call it "liberated" or "freestyle" - this workshop is just fun! You will learn the basics of how to work with slivers - no patterns - just play. This is so much fun! Staying true to my "just a sliver" philosophy, the focus is not on a finished quilt; instead we'll be making pillows - a usable small project you can finish at the workshop. And, I will teach you how to insert a zipper in your pillow the easy, and beautiful, way.

Workshop 3: Seeing Double

The Seeing Double patterns are an adaptation of the Helios pattern. They are smaller in size with 2 slivered arcs per block. Participants will be able to complete one of each block variation in a 6 hour workshop. These blocks can be used in a quilt, table runner, wall hanging or pillows. Pattern purchase required. This is a 6 hour workshop.

Workshop 4: Double Take Frames

These frames are like potato chips - you can't stop at just one! Using the sliver piecing technique you too can create these fun frames for any size photo you desire. Here the frames have a stand-up easel, but the addition of magnets makes them perfect for the fridge. They make excellent gifts for the hostess or the holidays. Purchase of the Sliver Quilts is required. This is a 3 hour workshop.

Workshop 5: Zip-ipty Doo Dah!

I love zippers, no fear zippers. I have a simple method for inserting zippers into projects without any raw seams. The projects are endless - everything from ditty bags to electronic cases such as the iPad case pictured here. Once you learn this technique you'll want to put a zipper in everything!