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I'm Lisa - and, yes, I quilt. Its one of my distractions. I have many. All of these distractions keep me from being a very disciplined blogger, but I try to share when I have the time.

me 017
me 017

Quilting - I love to "think outside the seam allowance" - that's how my book, Sliver Quilts, came to be. That's how most of what I quilt came to be - breaking with tradition, but honoring the craft - - - staying "a thread from the edge". My hope is this site will chronicle my craft for me, and I'm happy to share it with you.

My other distractions - my family (my tolerant husband and chief technical officer of this site; and our 2 uber creative daughters - both living in Brooklyn, NY - - - that will explain all of the NYC posts!), my farmers markets (the reason my blog is a bit sketchy in content - I manage them, not just shop at them - and I keep active blogs for them as well), my involvement in my community, and life in general.

I am a foodie - love to eat, love to cook. Its part of who I am - by profession a clinical dietitian (that hasn't practiced in years). In the past you would have seen as many food related blog posts as quilting related blog posts here at a thread from the edge. Those days are gone - - - but not forgotten. If you want to see the foodie posts just visit my farmers market blogs. Sure, every once in awhile I'll toss you a foodie post just to see if you're paying attention - but for you true foodie readers head over to my market blogs.

I hope you'll enjoy the new format of a thread from the edge. I'm pulling in more social media - twitter, pinterest and instagram. After all this is all about quilting - quilters are visual folks - they want eye candy, and they have no patience - they know what they want and they want it now - - - I think the new, evolving format will help with that.

Thanks so much for visiting!