I'm still here!

Hi All Life has been so busy, it's been hard finding time to blog - I apologize. Not only have I not had a lot of time to blog, I've not been quilting much either - yikes. Seems my little business of coordinating farmers markets has really taken off, and with that, it's taken a huge bite out of my free time, my quilting time. All that is fine with me. I'm really enjoying my new venture.

In addition to all of my farmers market activity, I've also been pretty busy teaching my technique, Sliver Piecing, from my book Sliver Quilts. My workshops and lectures have become quite popular, and I have a great time meeting all of my fellow quilters. If you're interested in a workshop or a lecture for your guild or shop, please email me.

Thanks for checking in! Support your local farmers market, and keep on creating.

For Evie

I don't typically do baby quilts, but a friend just had a baby, and they named her Evie - so cute! I decided to throw a quick little quilt together for her. Simple, slivers, straight line quilting. Freestyle slivers

I did a few blocks using freestyle slivering - an unstructured double needles block. What do you call this symbol - pound (phone or unit of measure), number, hashtag - - - careful, you're showing your age!

Waiting for some fun quilting in the empty space!

The empty squares in taupe - I'll be quilting in the shadow of the hashtag!

Is this straight?

Everywhere else - - - lines, lines and more lines - - - straight line quilting makes me dizzy - but I love it! There's lots of empty space in this little quilt and the straight lines make it. Pretty sure we could label this one modern by most standards - but I'm not putting a label on anything these days - too much of a commitment!

Thoroughly Modern Pillows

I hate to dangle a carrot that is out of your reach! The good news is I'll be teaching an improvised slivers class at Cloth and Bobbin in Narberth February 23. Bad news - the class is full, sorry. Let me know if you'd like to book a slivered pillow class - I'd be happy to teach it again and again - its so much fun! We'll be making these great pillows - I love pillows, you can never have too many. Pillows

You've heard of liberated log cabins - well these slivered pillows are kind of the same thing. You'll learn the basic about working with slivers and then you'll have the opportunity to improvise - create your own style.


What makes them modern? Honestly, I've never heard a great definition of "modern quilts". I think they look modern, fresh. Quilting is quilting - I can't get bogged down in all of the terminology - art quilters, contemporary quilts, traditional, modern - why decide what you are - play with everything!


And yes, the pillows are quilted - as much or as little as you like. Another perk to this workshop - Zippers!

Zip It!

Every good pillow should have a way to un-pillow it to allow for laundering, period. I've got this great little technique I use to put my zippers in - pain free for the most ardent skeptic. and you can make the backs of your pillows look as interesting as the front with minimal effort.

Now, while this class is booked - that shouldn't stop you - I'm happy to teach this class anywhere - drop me a line and I'm certain we can work something out.


Cloth and Bobbin Classes

Hey folks - some classes you may want to know about, at one of my very favorite quilting shops - Cloth and Bobbin in Narberth. The class scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 9th still has openings. We'll be making electronic cases - laptop or reader (iPad, Kindle and the like). These cases use my technique for raw edge free zipper insertion. Here are the samples:

iPad case

Here are both of the samples - one pieced, the other un-pieced. I use a Purse Zipper, with 2 pulls. I really love how the case opens on 2 sides. Most of the patterns on the market have a top opening only and require you to drop your iPad into the sleeve - the thought of dropping my iPad anywhere makes me panic.

iPad Case

And inside - 2 pockets - one for your business cards and the other for your C&T Sliver Quilts postcards - or whatever!


I have another class scheduled for Saturday, February 23 - check in tomorrow and I'll show you what I'm sewing up for that class! Interested in the electronics bag class - contact Johanna at Cloth and Bobbin to sign up!


Scrubbing Bubbles

Oh dear - - - it was about time! I finally cleaned up this site of all of the spam - if only a quick spray with scrubbing bubbles would have solved the problem. It wasn't so easy - electronic grime and dirt is a lot more difficult to clean up than garden goop and muck! Darn those spammers. Its been 48 hours now since I added new plug-ins to fend off the offenders, and so far, so good. Cross your fingers!

A Random Act of Kindness

A few minutes ago my doorbell rang - it was one of the adorable little kids in my neighborhood - reckoning, all too young, how to cope with the tragedy of our day. She handed me this lovely little bag of sweets - a celebration of a life cut far too short, Avielle Richman.

I cannot thank her enough - she stopped the flurry of my day - compelled me to connect to this little angel, Avielle - a beautiful 6 year old with curly locks! My heart goes out to her family, friends and loved ones; and all of those impacted by the Newtown tragedy. The note reads "we can't change what happened, but we can change the world, one act of kindness at a time" - I believe.

The Hills Are Alive . . .

The Annual Sing Along - - - The Sound of Music - - - at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute - - - sew much fun!!! Finally, the opportunity to sing at the top of your lungs in the movie theater without being shushed - and yes, that happens to me often! Oh yea, at top of my lungs - ask the peeps in front of me! And while the singing is the advertised lure - for me it was all about the costumes - yep, you need to get decked out to enjoy the full experience. I know you're thinking  Rocky Horror Picture Show for middle aged suburban housewives, but this event has something for everyone. And now for the costumes - take a look at what turned up in theater this year. First, me, and friends - decked out as Maria in the opening scene - the hills are alive!!! Its a bit grainy, but enjoy - we made our aprons - thats me in the hat! Perk to coming in costume - free popcorn!

Maria x 4

And hands down, the best costume and performance art was Frau ???, can't remember her name - the woman on the right. This is the character who wins third place in the Salzburg Music Festival - she was excellent with her Princess Leia wig. But what topped her costume was her performance - she was so into her part and played up to the audience with perfect comedic timing.

This group did a great take on I Am Sixteen . . .

There were quite a few brown paper packages tied up with strings!

Needles pulling thread . . .

Nuns were everywhere - but there was only one male, fulled bearded nun? ? ? And, only one female, bearded rabbi - not really sure how that fit in?

Do, Re, Me . . .

Another package tied up with string!

Drapery clad von Trapps!

Liesel and Rolfe (pssssssssssss! - you must hiss every time Rolfe is on screen!). . .

Ray - a drop of golden sun . . .

And Maria on her way to the von Trapp home - - - and, yes - - - for me, it is Sound of Music or bust annually! Get your tickets early - this year they added a second show and sold out both!!!


Sew - - -  I've been busy this weekend, creating things in the sewing room. My husband took pity on me - cocktails in the sewing room - what a novel idea! Last night we had this little drinky-poo from the Donna Hay Holiday magazine - Apple Elderflower Martini - I love St. Germaine!

Today - Capricious- more St. Germaine, today with gin, Philly Blue Coat Gin!


A few of these - well - can leave you a bit unraveled! Just how I like me!

Now hold on - I had 2 very productive days! I made a number of iPad cases - this one featuring Melody Miller's typewriter fabric! Love it!

Like the background above? Those are my new labels - I had them printed at Spoonflower - I love them!

I also made a few iPad cases featuring this great fabric from Joel Dewberry's new line, Notting Hill in a home dec weight - I'll be teaching a class on these electronics cases at Cloth and Bobbin in Narberth, PA this February - more on that soon.

My new mission is incorporating ribbons - I just love all of the beautiful new ribbons available. Here's a little pouch I made yesterday - love this ribbon and all of the quilting. This is my pattern - not a single raw seam, inside or outside!!! Some day I will take the time to write up all of these great patterns, promise!


A Trip to the Farm


Short and sweet - a trip to the farm to find the perfect Christmas tree, and to glean the last of the season's offerings. Where - to Blueberry Hill Farm, home of Peg, Clyde and Luke.

Everything was quiet - most of the farm put to bed in preparation for the winter season.


It was such a nice visit with one of my favorite farmers - just hanging around in the damp fields last Saturday - enjoying the chatter.


And now onto another season - prepping for a new market - looking forward to spring. Who would have thought strawberries to be prime for the holidays - Peg spotted this beautiful berry foliage - red, green and gold. Enjoy the season!


Owl Fatigue

I simply cannot be the only person who is tired of owls - those huge eyed, caricatured raptors that for way too many years have been showing up on fabrics everywhere. What the hoot is up - give the owl a break! Owl

I had great hope that I would not see any more owls when I attended quilt market in Houston, but no such luck. They were everywhere, with every fabric company - jeeeezzzz - designers can't find a new muse - their creative mojo all dried up - don't they get the big bucks to be creative? Today my West Elm catalog arrived - owls, cover to cover, including the St. Jude's Owl - don't get me wrong, St. Judes is an amazing organization - but an owl!!! 

Those eyes are really what gets to me - big, bulging, relentlessly staring - its not nice to stare? I think we've had enough of the owls designers! Time to dig deep, find new inspiration, get creative. Pick on some other birds; wander into the animal kingdom - but for heavens sake steer clear of anything with antlers - I've had enough of them too.

Rant over - thanks for indulging me!

Soft Opening of A Thread From The Edge on Etsy!

Etsy Shoppe I've been thinking about launching an Etsy shop for some time now - and, well, now is the time! Check out what I'm offering! My shoppe's name - a thread from the edge, of course! I truly wish I would have had time to open the shoppe a few months ago - after all, this is the gift giving season, and yesterday's cyber Monday transaction were impressive on etsy. Getting those sales is a learning curve - there's a lot to learn to catapult your shoppe to the forefront on etsy. For now, I'm working on my playbook - seriously -


One is inventory - and I admit, at this time I just don't have a lot - that was the result of a very successful showing at the MLQG Quilt Show 2 weeks ago - for that I was very happy. So I need to start sewing again - not a problem.

I also really want to keep my shop focused, and for now that means restricting the fabric variety I use in my sewn goods - I want a boutique, not a smorgasbord. Right now I've got products featuring Melody Miller's Ruby Star Rising - love this fabric. Problem - only have a few items left - - - so onto a new feature fabric with the next batch of goods.

a thread from the edge inventory

Stay tuned - will keep you updated as things change. Today - time to shoot new photos - its a learning curve! Learn with me!


Ruby Star Rising

So - I love Melody Miller's Ruby Star Rising for Kokka - I've made no secret of that. I actually parted with some of my stash in my sale items at the Main Line Quilt Guild Show this past weekend. Hmmmm - what did I do with it - - - zipperty fine stuff! Here's a stack of some of my offerings - Stash bags made with Ruby Star Rising!


The fabric is great, but the zippers really pull it all together. I used the no raw seam technique - sew easy!

Stacks of Zippered Stash Bags

More samples - I try to feature all the fun motifs in Melody's fabric.

Melody Miller

And I never tire of quilting the handbag in this motif - first sack sold - seems others love it as much as I do - unfortunately there is only one per yard cut - please Melody - can we have some more???


I just love adding the quilting to this fabric - so many fun options.

Turn up the tunes!

Use a coaster - how many times did your mother say that when you were growing up?

Use a coaster!

My ZAP quilting - love this pop of quilting.

Zap Quilting

Finished off my stash of bicycle Kokka, stash sacks and iPad cases.

I want to ride my bicycle!

And the last of the Kokka scooter fabric - had to order more immediately - orders for iPad cases for the holidays.


Main Line Quilt Guild Quilt Show

First ever vending gig today - where?

Main Line Quilt Guild Quilt Show. Here's my booth:

A Thread From The Edge

I focused on 2 fabric lines for my sale items.

This Kokka fabric - part of their Trefle line, very sew-y inspired. A BIG hit!

My Kokka Trefle Bags

And equally successful - my bags using Melody Miller's Ruby Star Rising fabric from Kokka. These were so whimsical!

Ruby Star Rising Bags

They showed off beautifully in my little cabinet that I purchased at the Clover Market in Ardmore back in the spring. I added a bit of tinsel to suggest the arrival of the holidays.

Melody Miller's fabric designs for Kokka

My nursery inspired double take frames from my book, Sliver Quilts.

Double Take Frames

Ahhhhm yes, candy, brings the shoppers in all the time; today's treat, dark chocolate kisses - the foil colors matched the quilt covering the table - what planning.

The ever important chocolate!





Election Day - Get Out and VOTE!

Thank heavens! Election day is finally here - just think how quiet the phones will be tomorrow - no more annoying calls from pollsters! That being said - VOTE - its important. I work the polls all day for my county. I'll vote in the morning, my husband will cancel it out later in the day - we're on different sides of the aisle - he'll figure it out someday. In honor of Election Day I bring to you my latest red, white and blue sample - a new helios demo for Sliver Quilts.

Election Day Helios

Stalking Kaffe

I will admit - one of my goals for my Houston trip was to stalk Kaffe Fassett - - - why - I love his fabric, period. And, I used his fabric for the cover quilt on my book, Sliver QuiltsYum, just look at this palate from the cover quilt - Helios:

On Friday before the start of Quilt Market, I attended Schoolhouse - more on that tomorrow - sew much fun! One of the Schoolhouse sessions I attended was Kaffe, Brandon and Liza - no last names required for this creative troupe! I'd already shown my book to Liza; but finally had the opportunity to share my book with Kaffe and Brandon - they loved it! They asked me to stop by their booth at Quilt Market for photos and a chat.

Here we are, me and Kaffe - a little lipstick would have gone a log way! Brandon snapped the photo for me! I should have been holding a copy of my book - next time!


#Quilt Market

So I finally have time, and power, to get some posts up from #Quilt Market. Including the "#" because I was having a blast tweeting my way thru quilt market. Check my Twitter or Facebook to see everything I was up to at #Quilt Market. I made my own name tag holder for #Quilt Market - my attempt to draw attention to my book - and it worked.

The front featured one of my sliver frames - framing my book's cover pic.

Here's the back of the holder - my "official" #Quilt Market name tag - "exhibitor"! I used this great western inspired fabric for the holder - after all - I was headed for Houston - giddy-up!

C&T Publishing had me scheduled for a demo at their booth - #144 - to share my sliver piecing technique. I worked on some new samples for the demo. Here's a new Helios sample - 

Yes, striped for the slivers - I can't help myself - just love the spin!

The striped fabric was from Monica Lee for Timeless Treasures.  More on this sample later - I love the quilting I did on it.

At the last minute I also threw this sample together - something to appeal to the "modern" quilters - sorry - I'm not into all of these divisions within one craft, but I am curious - it was my focus at #quilt market - I attended everything on "modern" quilts at schoolhouse - more on that later. But I digress - here was my last minute sample - I love it - so simple - a diagonal cut sliver inserted into a square - I love it!

Prepping for Houston

This is it - I'm gearing up to get serious about marketing my book, Sliver Quilts, from C&T Publishing. I'll be heading to Quilt Market the end of the month and I'm really trying to make the most of it. On Saturday, October 27th, I'll be demo'ing my sliver piecing technique - I was working on my demo project today - what do ya think - I love stripes!

I think I'm going to color block this using these pinks and a pair of orange solids. I want to do 16 blocks for a sample, and then do a bunch of set-outs that walk folks through the steps of the technique. The stripes have the spin I love - dizzying!

I'm also working on a handout - not out of paper - I'm sewing slivers. I might be crazy for doing this but I really want to try something different. When I think of slivers, I think of dessert - a sliver of cake or pie, smaller than a slice, but just enough to give give you a taste of something truly decadent. Well here are my slivers - I've made 120 of these slivers - I'm attaching my business card to the back of them as well as an invitation to visit my demo. Still have a bit more work to do on them, but I'm getting there.My goal is to "sliver"  attendees to entice them to attend my demo - worth the try if you as me. Will show you the finished project tomorrow.

Social media update - I've been delaying getting too deep into all of the different social media outlets, but no longer - I'm all in. Twitter account is up - feeds to blog and facebook, instagram up feeding to website and facebook, and just minutes ago I released my a thread from the edge facebook account from the grip of the facebook demon - long story, but it was somehow locked - all better now!