Calico Cutters Baby Quilts Go On Sale

This past Saturday my guild set up shop at the West Chester Grower's Market to sell our baby challenge quilts - the first of 3 venues slated to sell our creations. It was a hot one - 94 degrees at noon - nothing says buy a blankie like 94 degrees! Here was our tent - that's Debbie - a representative from the Maternal Child Health Consortium of Chester County - the recipient of the proceeds from the sale. We had the most colorful tent in the market.We sold 15 quilts so far and have holds on 3 other quilts - I'll update the photo page above with photos of all of the remaining quilts as soon as I get a chance to snap the pictures.
I loved hearing the stories of the people who purchased the quilts - - - there was a beautiful quilt with a puppy on it that an uber cute little 4 year old French girl could not leave without, many grand children and great grand children will be receiving our creations, a newly adopted little girl will be swaddled by one of our member's quilts, and the "surprise" addition to the family of 5 will have a new blankie he can call his own. It was a great day! At $75 a quilt, our donation to the Consortium is significant thanks to the many generous members of my guild.

Here are a few other photos I snapped at the market to whet your appetite for all things fresh - as always - BUY PA Local - or where ever your "local" might be!