Rock, Paper, Scissors

Let's start with paper - scissors - - - this is an amazing stop-frame animation using paper, created by Maurice Gee for Andersen M Studios titled Going West. It's scherenschnitte on steroids - be prepared to be thoroughly awed and entertained.

Rocks - oh, I've got rocks - in my head. Yesterday was a stunner - crisp, cool, invigorating. Off to Hawk Mountain - but not the easy route this visit.
Today we picked a relatively challenging trail at Hawk Mountain - River of Rocks - here at the start of the trail is a 700 foot steep descent.
Here's looking up at our descent - this trail demands intense concentration - you need to keep your head down at all times to watch where you're putting your foot - and this is nothing. . .
See this . . .This is the trail - notice the red trail makers on the tree - most of the trail is exactly this - 4 miles of this - not for the balanced challenged.
Why is it called River of Rocks??? Here it is - the river of rocks - a boulder field formed about 10000 years ago during the last ice age.
Here's my husband out in the middle of the boulders - he was like a little kid on those rocks!
The boulder field is massive.
We did see more than rocks - take a look at this log - if only I could have carried it out on my back - but, you saw the trail.
It was so interesting.
We were hoping to see some of autumn's technicolor color show - but it's a bit too early here in eastern Pennsylvania - and, after our very dry summer we're not expecting a grand display this year. This beautiful fungus added a lovely color accent.
Autumn leaves floating on sky reflecting pools of water.
A forest floor cathedral constructed out of a decaying tree stump - love the lighting in this photo.
What goes down must go up - a 700 foot descent means a 700 foot ascent - oh my aching thighs!
Every great hike ends with a great beer. Don't you love this tap pull - - -
Delaware's Dogfish Head beer - Analog Beer for the Digital Age - yum - we earned this!