Quilters' Corner of Ithaca, NY

More on my trip to Ithaca - today my visit to Ithaca's own Quilters Corner - recipient of Better Homes and Gardens Top Shops for 2010.
The shop is lovely - truly deserving of its accolades - color, color, color!!! There were beautiful displays everywhere you looked.
Every corner of the shop was full of curiosities.
So, what did I buy - well for starters I had to pick up Erin McMorris' Go By Bike from Free Spirit - so cute!
I thought it would pair up nicely with Dan Bennett's Wild Garden for Rowan. Hmmm - orange - is this all because it's pumpkin season???
Don't they look great together?
Hmmmm - they need something else. . . the hint is in the bicycle basket.I decided I needed to invite some solids to my bike ride - a little raspberry sherbet, and a solid pumpkin, and white - I think they will all play nicely together.
The shop was holding a Christmas Sew-Along during my visit. Attendees were constructing gifts out of these kits complete with Joel Dewberry fabric and tape measure lengths - - - any guess what they were making??? Here's a hint - the rulers have absolutely nothing to do with measurement.Remember a few months ago I made this little pinch purse.
I used the special hardware designed for pinch purses.
Well, no more looking for the special hardware - simply cut a few inches off of your husband's tape measure - that's right - the metal tape measure flexes just like the special hardware. You simply cut the tape measure to the size of your bag opening - you'll need 2 - round the edges, and tape the ends to prevent the metal from poking through the fabric. How cool is that?