Feeling Scrappy!

I had one of those days today - feeling a little scrappy, a little out of sorts. Hey, when you're feeling scrappy, you might as well run with it.
My project today was all about a scrap buster. A few years ago a local quilt shop was going out of business - they were big into block of the month kits. Well, when the store was closing they packaged all of the extra kits into 10 pound boxes - I bought two - I'm still working my way through them. I love all of the different scraps of fabric in them.
Busy day cutting and ironing for my project - can't share that with you yet, sorry! My hand is beat!
I can share dinner with you - a great vegetarian recipe - Spicy Squash Salad with Lentils and Goat Cheese. Here are my French lentils getting a little soak before cooking.
The recipe calls for a hot smoked Spanish paprika - I love smoked paprika - this is my favorite brand. It's not smoked so I supplemented with some cayenne pepper - delicious.
A perfect autumn dinner. I made a simple tomato salad to accompany it. I'll regret saying this in a month, but I am so tired of tomatoes - the garden just keeps churning them out.

Remember the paw-paw I bought at the Ithaca's Farmers Market? I've never tasted this native fruit - I remember mention of it in a song from the Jungle Book - I thought it was a tropical fruit. Here's what it looked like when I bought it - kind of greenish with little black speckles. The farmer told me I needed to allow it to turn black before eating it - it should devlepo a sweet scent - - - it did.
Here it is - revealed. It had a very banana-like flavor - very tasty. I need to find a local source. We're saving the seeds to see if we can grow a tree in the backyard.