"Safety" Pin - Seriously???

How??? What??? Seriously!?!?! I don't see anything "safe" about this situation.

I was quilting at warp speed today - in that hypnotic trance where you, the quilt and the sewing machine are moving as one - then that "safety" pin jumped out right in front of me and - - - POW - - - it became impaled on the machine's needle. Never did this before!!!
I'll blame the pin stabbing on my poor aching back, shoulders and hands - - - all the shoveling and snow blowing have taken a toll on my quilting form. Perhaps you haven't heard about the storm - - - the one that dumped 18 inches of the white stuff yesterday - - - it's beautiful, if all you have to do is look at it.
Oh - - - more snow tomorrow - just when I thought we had enough!
Enough, seriously!