I've been bamboozled - - - again - - - twice - - - and I don't like it at all!!!

The culprit - bamboo batting - that "go green" alternative to cotton - - - but wait - am I going "batty" - - - isn't cotton green too??? Why do I need bamboo to be green???

Details on the culprit: batting that consists of a blend of 50% bamboo rayon and 50% organic cotton - - - makes me feel green all over - - - saving the planet with every stitch I take - right?

The scenario - When I quilt I pull all my threads to the top of the quilt and leave them there until I'm finished - - then, when I'm good and ready, and have American Idol to distract me from the boredom - I sit quietly and bury those threads into the batting.

Here are the leftovers from last night's burial - look at all of that batting in the threads - it was a mess!!! This was King Tut thread - a good quality thread that has never pulled the batting of 100% cotton batting.

Before I could thread my burying needle I had to strip the thread strands of accumulated batting - - - a big mess!!!
And, yes, I said "again - - - twice". Here's quilt # two where I was battered by bamboo batting. I was planning on adding chicken scratch quilting using a fine cross stitch needle and a 3 strand silk thread for the chicken scratch - I've used this same thread many times with complete success with cotton batting. I even conditioned the thread with Thread Magic to make it super smooth. Look what happened - - - the thread emerged from the fabric pulling with it that darn bamboo - - - that's what's called "bearding".
When I tried to pull the bamboo batting it just kept coming out - - - I could have spun a thread of bamboo fiber.
Kermit the Frog should have said "it's not complicated being green" - - - stick with cotton, don't get bamboozled into thinking you have to change to be greener - - - cotton batting is cheaper and it won't ruin your quilt with bearding.