Charley Harper Quilt Along

Here's a look at my espresso table books - quite an interesting collection - all very visual. My favorite - Charley Harper - - - My husband gave me this for Christmas - a mammoth collection of the works of Charley Harper - over 5 pounds and 423 pages from this master illustrator. His works are primarily nature oriented, but with a stylized, modern twist. He is particularly known for his illustrations of birds - he can create lots of motion with a few carefully placed lines - it's amazing.
This was my first introduction to Charley Harper - my 2009 calendar - it was love at first site.

Ethne at the Flaming Stitches blog has started a Charley Harper Quilt Along, fully blessed by the Charley Harper estate. Anyone can join with the task of simply producing a quilted something a la Charley's style - you can copy one of his illustrations exactly, or take on the bigger challenge by creating something new, in Charley's style. No copying for me - - - I'm putting on my creative cap and designing something original - spring is the perfect time for inspiration. I'll keep you posted as I work on my entry.
Hey - why not join in???