Clickity - Clackity

Well, I've been busy with my knitting needles - trying to get some "potential" Christmas gifts completed - one of these days I want to keep something for myself - both of these projects may end up on my scarf hook in the mudroom - I'm overdue!

Here's the diagonal scarf - it's made from a fine merino wool that is very flesh colored - not really pink - flesh hued. The pattern is free from Churchmouse Yarns and is available on Ravelry. When it comes off the sticks it's all curly at the edges.A quick steam and it lays nice and flat - - -
All five feet of it!I love the pattern - it's about 18 inches wide.
After finishing the diagonal scarf I moved onto this shield pattern done in a beautiful mercerized cotton with a lovely sheen. The pattern is available free at Ravelry - A Noble Cowl.

It's not difficult, but you really need to pay attention to the pattern - I like using lots of markers to keep track of my stitches.
It's a cowl - nice and over-sized so you can bunch it up about your neck. And best part for me - no wool, so no itch! Merry Christmas me!
I'm still busy with the needles - clickity clacking - busy with my sweater - second sleeve just about finished!

Quilting - next week I'll be back in the sewing room. I have lots of news and some great new quilts to share.