Moving In!

Welcome all - I'm just getting settled here at my new address. As with any move things are still a bit unorganized. The blog is not where I want it - there are many changes I want to make, but if I keep waiting until I have time to make everything perfect I may never get back to blogging! So here we go - welcome! Busy - yes - all good. So what have I been up to:

  1. Family - one daughter just graduated from Boston University - so proud! What an accomplishment; and what an amazing woman she has become! Our youngest daughter will be a senior at Parsons School for Design - yes - Project Runway fame; and, yes, she is in fashion design. And, yes, she is talented!
  2. Sliver Quilts - My book is out! I've been busy getting my lecture and workshop together. I've done a few lectures and one workshop - its been tons of fun - and lots of work! I've got a number of lectures and workshops booked and am really looking forward to meeting everyone at the hosting guilds / shops.
  3. EGFM - That stands for East Goshen Farmers Market - I am the coordinator, volunteer, of the market, along with a good friend, Donna. It has consumed me. We'll be one year old June 30, 2012! Not quite sure how I got myself involved in it - I've never learned the word "no" - but I love it. It combines many aspects of who I am - a dietitian focused on good nutrition from a farming family. Its been wonderful being active in my community.
  4. Life - it's been busy - but I like it like that!
  5. CCQG - Calico Cutters Quilt Guild - program chair - why? No one else volunteered.
  6. Quilting - oh, I've been sewing, just not blogging. I'll admit, I've not been as prolific as in the past. The change in focus has been good for me personally. Its been nice to step back, diversify, put quilting on the shelf for awhile, gain perspective. But it's time to dabble again in a craft I enjoy - Hope you enjoy reading about it!

On deck for next week - how I became a bag lady!

I even quilted the handbag!