I Wear Many Hats!

I wear many hats - - - just not very well!

Yes - I made this hat!

Oh dear - this was a hat I made for a guild tea / auction years ago - don't ask me what I was thinking. Here's a close up -

Tape measure bows and a pin cushion center - complete with pins! It sits on a shelf in my sewing room.

But I do wear many hats - meaning I do have a lot of activities I participate in - my sewing and quilting endeavors, my guild, my farmers market, my non-profit commitments, and more. I'd look ridiculous showing up with this hat on my head, besides its not practical - it serves no purpose.

I decided instead to make my statement with my bag - instead of wearing many hats; I carry many bags - a far more practical application of the concept! A few months ago I decided I needed a specific bag for each and every activity I get myself involved in. So far I've made 3 bags and 2 cases - I need 2 more bags - and I need to learn the word "no" before I get myself involved in anything else.

It all started after I got my iPad - it needed a bag / a case to fit into so I could look "cool" walking into meetings. Vroom, vroom - if only I had a Vespa to drive to my meetings - now that would be truly cool!

I designed the pattern myself - actually quite simple. I used a dual separating sport zipper. It has 2 pockets inside - one for my business card, and one for my book postcards. Best of all - no raw edges - none - anywhere! I'll be posting the instructions as soon as I write them - so simple.