Brooklyn Bound - Again

So excited!!! I've been spending time in Brooklyn lately - apartment shopping for my daughter - arghhhh! Finally success - a great apartment in Brooklyn Heights - moving date later this month - a 5th floor walk up - - - arghhhhhh! I'm clearly not excited about that. However, none of this matters - why??? This weekend Brooklyn is offering up the Renegade Craft Fair!

I've been trying to make it to this fair since it started but something always interfered with the date - not this year - no way. I cannot wait! Check out their website to see the inventory of crafters in attendance - so much creativity all in one spot! Promise to take lots of pics. Mimi Kirchner will be there - cannot wait to see her tattooed dolls in person.

If everything goes as planned I may even get to the New Amsterdam Market on Sunday - 2 birds, 1 stone - you know how it goes!

Making some changes to my sewing room - if the paint is dry may share a pic or two tomorrow.