Zip It!

More on my bag projects. What's special about these bags - no raw seams when you insert the zippers - I finally figured it out! Of course once I figured it out I had to keep making bags. It started with my iPad case using this Vespa Echino fabric.I made a simple pattern for the case - I knew I wanted a zipper that rounded the corner, extending from a full top zipper down the one side. First step was to layer my exterior fabric with some batting - then quilt - I used very simple quilting and had some fun with the dot decorative stitch on my sewing machine. If you want some inside pockets now is the time to add them to the lining pieces. I will be putting full instructions on line once I find some extra time. The zipper is sewn in place between the exterior and lining fabric - it takes a bit to wrap your head around the logic, but it does work out. Her's a finished side - exterior quilted fabric and lining fabric. A view from the edge - one side of the bag - exterior view.A view at the lining fabric - complete with a pocket - I put one on each side of the bag; one for my business card, and one for my Sliver Quilts postcard.These zippers are perfect - you can pull from either side! All set for my day! Next project - my Mac Air needed a case too!