Prepping for Houston

This is it - I'm gearing up to get serious about marketing my book, Sliver Quilts, from C&T Publishing. I'll be heading to Quilt Market the end of the month and I'm really trying to make the most of it. On Saturday, October 27th, I'll be demo'ing my sliver piecing technique - I was working on my demo project today - what do ya think - I love stripes!

I think I'm going to color block this using these pinks and a pair of orange solids. I want to do 16 blocks for a sample, and then do a bunch of set-outs that walk folks through the steps of the technique. The stripes have the spin I love - dizzying!

I'm also working on a handout - not out of paper - I'm sewing slivers. I might be crazy for doing this but I really want to try something different. When I think of slivers, I think of dessert - a sliver of cake or pie, smaller than a slice, but just enough to give give you a taste of something truly decadent. Well here are my slivers - I've made 120 of these slivers - I'm attaching my business card to the back of them as well as an invitation to visit my demo. Still have a bit more work to do on them, but I'm getting there.My goal is to "sliver"  attendees to entice them to attend my demo - worth the try if you as me. Will show you the finished project tomorrow.

Social media update - I've been delaying getting too deep into all of the different social media outlets, but no longer - I'm all in. Twitter account is up - feeds to blog and facebook, instagram up feeding to website and facebook, and just minutes ago I released my a thread from the edge facebook account from the grip of the facebook demon - long story, but it was somehow locked - all better now!