#Quilt Market

So I finally have time, and power, to get some posts up from #Quilt Market. Including the "#" because I was having a blast tweeting my way thru quilt market. Check my Twitter or Facebook to see everything I was up to at #Quilt Market. I made my own name tag holder for #Quilt Market - my attempt to draw attention to my book - and it worked.

The front featured one of my sliver frames - framing my book's cover pic.

Here's the back of the holder - my "official" #Quilt Market name tag - "exhibitor"! I used this great western inspired fabric for the holder - after all - I was headed for Houston - giddy-up!

C&T Publishing had me scheduled for a demo at their booth - #144 - to share my sliver piecing technique. I worked on some new samples for the demo. Here's a new Helios sample - 

Yes, striped for the slivers - I can't help myself - just love the spin!

The striped fabric was from Monica Lee for Timeless Treasures.  More on this sample later - I love the quilting I did on it.

At the last minute I also threw this sample together - something to appeal to the "modern" quilters - sorry - I'm not into all of these divisions within one craft, but I am curious - it was my focus at #quilt market - I attended everything on "modern" quilts at schoolhouse - more on that later. But I digress - here was my last minute sample - I love it - so simple - a diagonal cut sliver inserted into a square - I love it!