Stalking Kaffe

I will admit - one of my goals for my Houston trip was to stalk Kaffe Fassett - - - why - I love his fabric, period. And, I used his fabric for the cover quilt on my book, Sliver QuiltsYum, just look at this palate from the cover quilt - Helios:

On Friday before the start of Quilt Market, I attended Schoolhouse - more on that tomorrow - sew much fun! One of the Schoolhouse sessions I attended was Kaffe, Brandon and Liza - no last names required for this creative troupe! I'd already shown my book to Liza; but finally had the opportunity to share my book with Kaffe and Brandon - they loved it! They asked me to stop by their booth at Quilt Market for photos and a chat.

Here we are, me and Kaffe - a little lipstick would have gone a log way! Brandon snapped the photo for me! I should have been holding a copy of my book - next time!