Baskets Full of Poseys

It's time - the reveal of my Mom's quilt - no more teases - today is the day.

Meet my Mom, Leah - she'll be 90 years old this December! She has never been a quilter, but she loves to embroider everything, as long as it's not cross-stitch - her stitches are beautiful. A few years ago - when the Fort Washington show was still in Fort Washington - I signed her up for a block of the month quilt from Sis n' Me. I thought she needed something to keep her busy.
Every month she received 3 new blocks to embroider - the blocks needed to be traced onto the fabric - she did the tracing the first month, and then quickly decided to make it my chore. Mom was diligent in her task - every month completing the 3 blocks. The heat was on - she did her part and expected me to do the same when it came to putting everything together. There were 32 blocks in total - but I used only 30 in the setting of the quilt. All of the blocks feature baskets of flowers, and all of the blocks are chockful of French knots - she loves French knots. I apologize for this next photo - this quilt is difficult to photograph.

According to the pattern, the blocks were to be set on point with intersecting sashing. My Mom traced the first blocks square and I didn't have the heart to tell her she goofed. I figured I'd just continue tracing them as squares and deal with a new setting after she finished the embroidery process. If I do say so myself, my setting has way more interest than your standard sashed on-point setting.

A dear friend, Jackie, from my guild, Calico Cutters, agreed to hand quilt it for me. I just couldn't see machine quilting something with so much handwork on it. Jackie did a beautiful job on the hand quilting.

My Mom loves her quilt and was very excited that I was going to share it on my blog - she has absolutely no idea what a blog is. I gave her one more assignment - she is to be stitching our names on the corners, and the date. I hope you enjoy her handwork!