Soft Opening of A Thread From The Edge on Etsy!

Etsy Shoppe I've been thinking about launching an Etsy shop for some time now - and, well, now is the time! Check out what I'm offering! My shoppe's name - a thread from the edge, of course! I truly wish I would have had time to open the shoppe a few months ago - after all, this is the gift giving season, and yesterday's cyber Monday transaction were impressive on etsy. Getting those sales is a learning curve - there's a lot to learn to catapult your shoppe to the forefront on etsy. For now, I'm working on my playbook - seriously -


One is inventory - and I admit, at this time I just don't have a lot - that was the result of a very successful showing at the MLQG Quilt Show 2 weeks ago - for that I was very happy. So I need to start sewing again - not a problem.

I also really want to keep my shop focused, and for now that means restricting the fabric variety I use in my sewn goods - I want a boutique, not a smorgasbord. Right now I've got products featuring Melody Miller's Ruby Star Rising - love this fabric. Problem - only have a few items left - - - so onto a new feature fabric with the next batch of goods.

a thread from the edge inventory

Stay tuned - will keep you updated as things change. Today - time to shoot new photos - its a learning curve! Learn with me!