Owl Fatigue

I simply cannot be the only person who is tired of owls - those huge eyed, caricatured raptors that for way too many years have been showing up on fabrics everywhere. What the hoot is up - give the owl a break! Owl

I had great hope that I would not see any more owls when I attended quilt market in Houston, but no such luck. They were everywhere, with every fabric company - jeeeezzzz - designers can't find a new muse - their creative mojo all dried up - don't they get the big bucks to be creative? Today my West Elm catalog arrived - owls, cover to cover, including the St. Jude's Owl - don't get me wrong, St. Judes is an amazing organization - but an owl!!! 

Those eyes are really what gets to me - big, bulging, relentlessly staring - its not nice to stare? I think we've had enough of the owls designers! Time to dig deep, find new inspiration, get creative. Pick on some other birds; wander into the animal kingdom - but for heavens sake steer clear of anything with antlers - I've had enough of them too.

Rant over - thanks for indulging me!