Thoroughly Modern Pillows

I hate to dangle a carrot that is out of your reach! The good news is I'll be teaching an improvised slivers class at Cloth and Bobbin in Narberth February 23. Bad news - the class is full, sorry. Let me know if you'd like to book a slivered pillow class - I'd be happy to teach it again and again - its so much fun! We'll be making these great pillows - I love pillows, you can never have too many. Pillows

You've heard of liberated log cabins - well these slivered pillows are kind of the same thing. You'll learn the basic about working with slivers and then you'll have the opportunity to improvise - create your own style.


What makes them modern? Honestly, I've never heard a great definition of "modern quilts". I think they look modern, fresh. Quilting is quilting - I can't get bogged down in all of the terminology - art quilters, contemporary quilts, traditional, modern - why decide what you are - play with everything!


And yes, the pillows are quilted - as much or as little as you like. Another perk to this workshop - Zippers!

Zip It!

Every good pillow should have a way to un-pillow it to allow for laundering, period. I've got this great little technique I use to put my zippers in - pain free for the most ardent skeptic. and you can make the backs of your pillows look as interesting as the front with minimal effort.

Now, while this class is booked - that shouldn't stop you - I'm happy to teach this class anywhere - drop me a line and I'm certain we can work something out.