For Evie

I don't typically do baby quilts, but a friend just had a baby, and they named her Evie - so cute! I decided to throw a quick little quilt together for her. Simple, slivers, straight line quilting. Freestyle slivers

I did a few blocks using freestyle slivering - an unstructured double needles block. What do you call this symbol - pound (phone or unit of measure), number, hashtag - - - careful, you're showing your age!

Waiting for some fun quilting in the empty space!

The empty squares in taupe - I'll be quilting in the shadow of the hashtag!

Is this straight?

Everywhere else - - - lines, lines and more lines - - - straight line quilting makes me dizzy - but I love it! There's lots of empty space in this little quilt and the straight lines make it. Pretty sure we could label this one modern by most standards - but I'm not putting a label on anything these days - too much of a commitment!