Button Worthy

One of my fondest memories growing up was laying across my Mom's bed and looking through her button box - it was a big, old greeting card box, bursting at the seams full of buttons - for me, it was like a treasure chest. I loved running my fingers through the stash of buttons, listening to the tinkling noise the buttons made - hoping not to hit a rogue pin in the process - this button obsession is not without risk you know! Mom had buttons of every shape, size, and color - diamonds, pearls, bone, glitter-y, glimmer-y jewels. And, most of the buttons had a story - what garment they fell off of, and so on. She still keeps her button box today - maybe some day I'll get it. Fortunately for me I now have my own button box - o.k. - plural - BOXES, and tins and jars, and more. What can I say - I love old buttons.

A neighbor of mine heard I was a button-aholic and decided to share her stash with me. She's not a sewer and saw no future for her buttons in her possession. A year ago she bequeathed the first installment to me, and just last week I received installment number two. I have a very generous neighbor - take a look:
Check out this little Scottie dog - it's Bakelite - chemically know as polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride - now that's a mouthful! Bakelite was an early plastic and most button collectors will do anything to get their hands on these little gems.

This bouquet of metaled petaled pearled buttons needs a little TLC, but there's potential.

This strand of rhinestone buttons is in perfect condition - the rhinestones are some of the biggest I've ever seen.

These amazing yellow buttons did not photograph well - they are luminescent - they actually glow around the perimeter.

Welcome Spring - This collection of yellow buttons just reminds me of spring - buttercups, lemons and the sun.

Here's a colorful little stash - a few Bakelite and bone added for interest.

Tangerine anyone??? Love these little gumdrops!

Bakelite at it's finest - this is a substantial offering. In all fairness, I did tell my neighbor the market value of her stash - she wasn't looking for money - she wanted someone to "look after" her collection - I understand completely!

Did I mention she threw in a few buckles as well - Bakelite buckles!

As beautiful as these little gems are I am always reluctant to use them - what if I lost one. There just aren't many things I make that are "Button Worthy" of this caliber button - you understand, right?